Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finally - Video!

Finally able to figure out how to change the video file from "ifo" to "avi"(only took me on my own about 6 months) . Now I can share our precious slideshow of the birth of Walker. Doug Layton and his wife from Eyecatch through NILMDTS did a wonderful job of documenting our first hours with Walker.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

What a day. It started out so average. Then it turned out to be an amazing day with my children. I needed to get out and enjoy the day. It is so easy for me to be angry and stressed out. I need to savour those moments before they cannot occur again. It was so refreshing. We went to the zoo and did not try to even see half of it. That makes it more enjoyable (definetly stressful to try to see all the animals with 1 stroller and 3 tired children under the age of 6 and Texas heat). We saw a few animals and then went to the Children's Zoo to just play in the water. A relaxing day for all. (The only picture on my phone- did not think to bring the camera) Thanks for the beauty of the earth.

Another thought I wanted to share was something I hear on Thursday, May 1st. I guess May 1st has been designated to be "The Day of Prayer". I was saddened to think that we need a day to do what is expectied of us to do daily. Do we really need a day set aside for this? Do we need a daily reminder? Try a rock on the floor.
Just me opinion. Just need to express thoughts sometimes.