Friday, July 18, 2008

Celebrated 1 long year

I finally decided to get up before the kids. Usually I wait until they wake up and come wake me up which is in 15 minutes. I wanted to blog in a quiet house so I better quit rambling.

We decided to celebrate Walker's birthday with releasing balloons. It was just us and the 3 kids. We had 14 baby blue balloons and a note tied to them. It was the most peaceful and surreal experience. I know that he was looking down on us and celebrating his day with us. The kids loved watching the balloons disappear into heaven (Charlie thought they would go there).

Since July 2nd to the 16th, I have replayed every day from last year in my mind. I think maybe I should have done things differently. I would have like to shown Walker off to the world. To say- hey here is a gift from God and how could you deny HIM now.

Happy birthday, my little guy in God's presence.

I, we, us miss you and are forever thankful for your footprint on our hearts.