Sunday, September 6, 2009

Amazing Story of Love

What an amazing video! I am so glad that they were willing to share what so many of us feel inside during that short time.

When I was watching their family during those intimate times, I wish that I could take my memories and put them in a video- the 2 days at the hospital, the 12 days at home, the family surrounding us always, the love and laughter shared with Walker, the feedings, the sleepless nights, the countless visitors, the amazing nurses, the fantastic hospice- Kathy, the child life specialist- Cinda, the oxygen, the funeral, the last moments, the good-byes, the pain in his face as his heart gave out.
I do have many pictures and a video that I am so very thankful for family and NILMDTS photograhper. I still wish I had more to hold and share. I would love to see the memories others have of that amazing time.

How I wish I had thought clearly to video tape much more. I don't regret anything do during that time yet sometimes I would like a do-over just to capture more pictures and videos. So I am grateful that others share what they have recorded; it helps me remember so much of Walker's life. Thank you Mary and Deidrea Laux for sharing.