Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have come here many times wanting to write. Then I just read other blogs and was touched and comforted by their words.

As the days get closer to that 2 year mark, I miss Walker more this year than last year.

Maybe I just recognize the feelings and not numb anymore?
I don't know the answers just relying on FAITH to guide me through the next couple of weeks.
So tonight I need to write not just read.

Yesterday, I went to the funeral for a dear family friend. He leaves behind his eternal companion, Marjean, and his 18 yr old daughter. I realized how God works and knows each of our strengths and weaknesses. Gary had been battling cancer for 18mos. He had just watched his only beautiful daughter walk across the stage at her graduation. He celebrated his 18th Father's Day - the day they became a family. Hospice had just been set up. The next morning my mother was inspired to call and check on them and Gary had slipped into a coma. My mother rushed to her dear friend and daughter. Through Heavenly Father's blessings, the family was comforted. He was no longer in a body of pain. But I ache for a little girl that won't have her dad for monumental times in her life and for a wife that will have a complete empty nest after her daughter leaves for college and an empty bed.

Thankful for faithful people who listen to the spirit.

What a remarkable service it was; it reminded me of the life we should be living and Gary was living it. He was a wonderful example and he will be missed.

Every year for 4th of July since before Grace was born, our families have gone to the Plano 4th of July Parade together. This year he will be in spirit and looking down at us holding Walker's hand.

FAITH will get us through this life and into the next. My heart aches for Walker just my spirit knows he is waiting for us. I look forward to celebrating his birth on Thursday.